Module 6: Selling abroad
Answer the following questions:

1. Which of the following factors is NOT important when you decide to sell abroad?

2. A complete marketing plan includes

3. Inexperienced exporters should prefer:

4. Participating in international trade fairs is important because you:

5. Which of the following are not considered main elements of an international contract?

6. You should carefully select the appropriate payment method for export, because:

7. The letter of credit as a payment method should be used when:

8. What is a temporary export?

9. Rail transport compared to road transport is:

10. What is the role of Incoterms?

0-10 points: Good but you need to deepen more
11-15 points: Good job! There is margin for improvement though
16-20 points: Well done! It seems you are ready to face the Foreign Markets
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