Module 5: The strength of a Rural Brand
Unit 4: Ways of promoting a territorial brand

Once you have created a territorial brand, you have to promote it. Why? Does it not promote itself?

To answer this question, do a simple research and see how many brands have been created and then forgotten .. and how many brands have become absolutely famous. Why? First of all, they had something to say, something to offer, then what they offer is real, gives a real benefit to consumers, and does it with a constant quality level; third, people know that this offer exists, and have it in mind when they decide what to buy and where to go, fourth, when they had access to the benefits of this brand, they may have had good, deep relations with people, which increased their loyalty.

Important to note:

A territorial brand has to be promoted on a regular basis, with a constant, methodical interaction with consumers.

The web is of absolute capital importance: you cannot create a brand without having a good website and a facebook page.

Abstract, “distant” information has always to be associated with experience.

It may be very useful to make the brand travel, visit consumers in their hometowns, bringing its athmosphere with itself.


How can we create a website? And a fecebook / twitter page?

So, how can we promote our brand?

  1. By means of a website. It must be well built, easy to find (SEO is the way one can make his website visible, by using the right words and building texts and images in the right way, see: ). It is important to give consumers the possibility to ask questions (and get quick, precise answers)
  2. By means of a Facebook page, which also gives the possibility to insert adds, and enter in strict contact with (young) customers, by speaking their language. Both the website and the facebook page need your presence! There has to be someone who manages them almost on a daily basis!
  3. By means of special events, both inside and outside the territory: products, services have to be tasted, have to be part of a very pleasant experience. Events can take place in different areas of your country, or throughout Europe;
  4. By means of day-by-day communication: every time a consumer has a pleasant experience (in a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, a website ... ) somewhere it has to be stated that the experience is related to the specific territorial brand.
  5. By means of tour operators. So many people, now, make use of online (and offline) tour operators to find a hotel, a place to go on holiday, etc. It is important to find ways to build partnerships.
  6. By contacting consumer associations (special targets, e.g. young sportspeople, doctors, active elderly people, according to the characteristics of the promoted territory) and offering special services
  7. By means of traditional communication media: radio, newspapers and magasines, choosing the right moment to publish an ad
  8. By taking part in tourism fairs, with a well-designed stand
  9. By offering special promotions, also as a prize in sport or art contests
  10. By offering special conditions for courses and study sessions


Find and analyse 5-6 websites and facebook pages of territorial brands in your country or another European country.

Answer the following questions

  1. Is it easy to find, with a few key words?
  2. Is it easy to explore and to read?
  3. Are there sections that attract your attention?
  4. Is it interactive? Can you ask questions?
  5. After exploring it, do you feel the desire to visit some places, or to buy anything?
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