Answer the following questions:

1. What do European customers value more and more when buying food?

2. Being good in sales:

3. First impression of you shop/stand/stall is very important for sales. How many positive experiences does it take to compensate for one negative?

4. Beautiful, neat, tidy, informing should be:

5. According to studies, when a consumer enters a shop:

6. Which type does not constitute direct selling?

7. Which are benefits of direct selling?

8. What is HACCP?

9. How many are the HACCP principles?

10. Do you agree with these statements?

Empathy and flexibility are elements of the mindset of a good salesman

A website is always the best way to promote your products

Web advertising is effective and inexpensive

0-10 points: Good but you need to deepen more
11-15 points: Good job! There is margin for improvement though.
16-24 points: You are a really good Salesperson!
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